February 12th & 13th*: Wine Club Release Weekend
with Mole Carnitas Street Tacos!
**Special Sunday hours: 11am-3pm**

March 26th & 27th: Behind the Cellar Door

April 16th: Wine & Cheese Pairing
April 17th: CLOSED
April 23rd & 24th: Amapola Weekend

May 7th & 8th: Mother’s Day Whites and Rose Release Weekend
May 14th: Amador Four Fires

June 11th & 12th: Wine Club Release Weekend
June 24th-26th: CLOSED

July 2nd & 3rd: Cool Caprese with Cassablanca
July: New baby Holgate Due :)! Might be closed near the end…

August 19th-21st: CLOSED

October 8th & 9th*: Wine Club Release Weekend
with Harvest Street Tacos (*Live music 10/9)
October 22nd & 23rd: Mariposa Festival

November 25th: OPEN for Plaid Friday!
November 26th & 27th: Chili Weekend

December 3rd: Main Street Magic! Open: Noon – 8pm
December 4th: CLOSED
December 23rd-25th: CLOSED